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The big day is rapidly approaching, so can we expect a PS5 restock in time for Christmas? It’s the million-dollar question. Sony’s latest console has been notoriously hard to find since its launch at the end of 2020, and even though it now has a full year under its silicon belt, that scarcity hasn’t changed. Thanks a lot, COVID.

With that in mind, we’ve been dusting off our crystal ball in an effort to see if a PS5 restock (the ultimate gift for gamers) lies in our immediate future. Will there be a Christmas console miracle this December? Here’s everything you need to know.

Will I be able to buy a PS5 restock this Christmas?

So, what are the chances of us getting some PS5 deals this Christmas?Although it’s impossible to say when the console will arrive for sure without a leak or retailers announcing stock, the odds aren’t bad. PS5 restocks have been landing every week or so across online stores, and that means it’s possible to make some educated guesses.

To start with, Walmart has a habit of offering PS5 restock chances on Mondays (as per the recent December 13 drop, which suggests a December 20 sale could become a reality) or Thursdays. Elsewhere, Best Buy and Target usually opt for Monday or Friday PS5 bundles while Sony is known for Monday stock. If any of the above stick to their schedules, you should have a PlayStation 5 under your tree in time for Christmas. If you’re lucky, anyway – there’s still the small matter of beating the competition.

Annoyingly, it’s impossible to make the same predictions for Amazon. Despite being one of the biggest online retailers in the world, it’s unreliable in terms of PS5 restocks and doesn’t stick to any sort of pattern. All you can do is check in every now and then and hope for the best.

Christmas PS5 restock – the latest updates


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Unfortunately for us, no PS5 restocks have been announced just yet. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, though. It’s possible that Walmart will double dip this week with a drop on Thursday, but a rush of stock for Monday, December 20 is more likely. Meanwhile, Best Buy skipped a start-of-the-week drop as per usual so could offer more consoles this Friday, December 17 if previous trends are anything to go by. Basically, keep your eyes peeled and stay alert as we approach the weekend.

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In the meantime, don’t miss our best PS5 gifts guide if you want suggestions on what to pair with your new console.

Most likely PS5 restocks this week:

USA: Best Buy | Amazon | Walmart | Sony Direct | GameStop | Target
Game | John Lewis | Amazon | Very | Argos | Currys | Box

Recent PS5 restocks:

  • Walmart: PS5 | PS5 Digital Editionlast seen December 13
  • Best Buy:PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition– last seen online December 6
  • Amazon: PS5 | PS5 Digital Editionlast seen November 27
  • Sony: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition last seen December 13
  • GameStop: PS5 | PS5 Digital Editionlast seen November 29
  • Target: PS5 | PS5 Digital Editionlast seen December 2
  • Newegg: PS5 | PS5 Digital Editionshuffle previously available September 27

PS5 restocks – which console should you get?


(Image credit: Sony)

Did you know that there are two kinds of PlayStation 5 to choose from? If you’re unsure of which one to go for, we’ve broken down the differences between them below.


PS5 ($499.99) | Check at Amazon
This is the ’normal’ PS5 console, and it’s the one we’d recommend if you’re looking for flexibility or the full next-generation gaming experience. Even though it has the same powerful technology as the Digital Edition seen below, it has one major advantage – a 4K disc drive. That means you can play physical game discs, UHD Blu-rays, and DVDs instead of needing to buy everything digitally via the PlayStation Store (which can be more expensive in the long run).

View Deal


PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99) | Check at Amazon
If you want a more streamlined setup and mostly buy games digitally, this cheaper version of the PS5 is perfect. While it doesn’t have a disc drive, it does still offer the same powerful technology and super-fast loading. In essence, your experience will be identical – the only difference being that you’ll need to get everything through the PS Store, which can be more expensive but is very convenient.

View Deal

Christmas PS5 restock tips


(Image credit: Sony)

It’s not news to say that PS5 restocks are difficult to come by; the console has been selling out like no-one’s business all year. However, there are some things you can do to tip the odds in your favor.

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1. Be patient and refresh the page if the console sells out

This is probably the most useful advice we can give. Retailers often release PS5 stock in waves, so stick around if the system seems to sell out straight away. Hit that refresh button and you may just strike PS5 restock gold.

2. Sign in and get your payment details ready

OK, so this one sounds obvious. But it really is important. Signing in ahead of time and making sure you have your payment details to hand can mean the difference between getting the console and missing it. You see, the weight of traffic can cause sites to crash, glitch, or slow down when a PS5 restock shows up, so being as quick as possible means less chance of needing to start over (at which point the console is probably gone).

3. Prioritize bundles

Consoles by themselves sell out fast, and that’s understandable – they’re the cheapest option. As such, make a beeline for bundles if at all possible. Combo deals with games or the best PS5 accessories last longer, so you have a better chance of securing them.

4. Don’t pay more than you have to

Unless you’re investing in a bundle from a retailer you trust, you should never pay more than the standard PS5 price. For a normal PS5 with a disc drive, that’s $499.99 in the USA and £449.99 in the UK. At the other end of the scale, the Digital Edition should cost more than $399.99 in the US or £349.99 for UK shoppers. Some unscrupulous individuals buy the console and resell it at an absurd mark-up that inflates the price well beyond those official MSRPs, and these are a detour into scamsville. Don’t trust them.

5. Keep an eye on social media

This is one of the most useful bits of advice we can give. Stock-tracking Twitter accounts and a fantastic early-warning system when it comes to PS5 restocks, so follow a few for advance warning on when the console might be coming.

Want some discounts on stocking fillers? Be sure to check out these Christmas sales for gamers. If you’d prefer to see what Team Green is up to, don’t forget to drop in on our best Xbox gifts guide either.

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